Silent Hill 4 with Wide Screen support
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Silent Hill 4 - Wide Screen Patch

Step to make Silent Hill 4 with Wide Screen support:

  1. Extract the zip file
  2. Copy the extracted files to Silent Hill 4 installation directory
  3. Run 'sh4-widescreen.exe' to launch the game
  4. Press Alt+Tab and change the configuration to match your display
  5. 16:9 wide screen monitor use HFOV 0.75 & VFOV 0.58 4:3 old monitor use HFOV 1.00 & VFOV 0.78

Download: Silent.Hill.4.-.Wide.Screen.Patch.zipx

P.S.: On some systems, even though you meet the requirements to play the game it won't run. To bypass this initial check, simply open the folder where the game is installed (Default C:\Program Files\Konami\Silent Hill 4) and rename CheckSpec.dll to something else like CheckSpec.dll.bak or delete the file.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Daniel Sirait