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End of Life releases:

crouton nominally doesn't support EOL releases of distros, but feel free to file a bug and we'll try to fix things that break.

Release name Release # End-Of-Life date
precise 12.04 LTS reached EOL on 28 April 2017
quantal 12.10 reached EOL on 16 May 2014
raring 13.04 reached EOL on 27 January 2014
saucy 13.10 reached EOL on 17 July 2014
utopic 14.10 reached EOL on 23 July 2015
vivid 15.04 reached EOL on 04 February 2016

See the Ubuntu wiki for a full list.

Since precise is now EOL'd and xenial is now the default release, please upgrade your precise chroot(s) as shown below or install a new one with -r xenial.
And it's always wise to backup your chroot(s) before an upgrade, update or any major change.

To upgrade to a more recent version of Ubuntu:

You can use this graphical method in your chroot:

Or follow these instructions in a crosh shell:

1. sudo enter-chroot -n <chroot_name>
NOTE: (replace <chroot_name> with the name of your chroot, e.g. precise)

2. sudo apt-get install update-manager-core python-apt

3. sudo do-release-upgrade

After the upgrade, whether it be by the graphical method or the command line, it is important to make sure that crouton is updated:

  • sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -n <chroot_name>-u

By default, the name of a chroot is its release name (e.g. a precise chroot's name is precise).
After an upgrade, you end up with a xenial chroot, whose name is precise. Confusing? You can easily rename it with:

  • sudo edit-chroot precise -m xenial

Upgrade from LTS to non-LTS

LTS releases (e.g. precise, 12.04) are supported by Ubuntu for 5 years.
By default, they will not upgrade to non-LTS release (e.g. quantal 12.10).
If you really want to do that, edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and replace Prompt=lts by Prompt=normal.


Following the Debian guide and updating the chroot should work. (untested)

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