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This project uses Semantic Versioning 2.0.0.


  • NEW: Added certificates.all_certificates (dnsimple/dnsimple-ruby#155)

  • CHANGED: Updated registrar URLs (dnsimple/dnsimple-ruby#153)


  • NEW: Added DNSSEC support support (dnsimple/dnsimple-ruby#152)


  • NEW: Added domain premium price support (dnsimple/dnsimple-ruby#143)

  • CHANGED: Updated registration, transfer, renewal response payload (dnsimple/dnsimple-developer#111, dnsimple/dnsimple-ruby#140).

  • CHANGED: Normalize unique string identifiers to SID (dnsimple/dnsimple-ruby#141)


  • NEW: Added domain collaborators support (GH-137).

  • NEW: Added regions support for zone records (GH-135, GH-139).

  • NEW: Added domain services support (GH-122).

  • NEW: Added domain templates support (GH-125).

  • NEW: Added zone file support (GH-124).

  • NEW: Added certificate support (GH-123).

  • NEW: Added domain delegation support (GH-120).

  • NEW: Added domain push support (GH-127).

  • NEW: Added vanity name server support (GH-121).

  • CHANGED: Record struct renamed to ZoneRecord (GH-117).

  • CHANGED: Updated Tld payload (GH-133, GH-129).

  • CHANGED: Renamed registrar auth_info into auth_code (GH-136).


  • NEW: Added accounts support (GH-113).

  • NEW: Added sorting and filtering support (GH-112).

  • NEW: Added template record support (GH-104).

  • CHANGED: Pagination params must be passed as top level options. Previously they were passed inside :query options (GH-116).

  • CHANGED: Authentication credentials presence is no longer validated on the client as it was causing an error getting the access token (GH-74 and GH-102).

  • CHANGED: Setting a custom user-agent no longer overrides the original user-agent (GH-105).

  • CHANGED: Updated client to use Contact#email (GH-108).

  • REMOVED: Removed support for wildcard accounts (GH-107).


  • FIXED: The client was using the wrong key to store the ContactsService which could cause conflicts with the DomainsService.

  • FIXED: renewDomain used a wrong path (GH-96).

  • NEW: Added registrar delegation support (GH-98).

  • NEW: Added template support (GH-99).

  • NEW: Added service support (GH-101).

  • CHANGED: Error detection is now smarter. If the error is deserializable and contains a message, the message is attached to the exception (GH-94, GH-95, GH-100).

  • FIXED: state and redirect_uri are not properly passed in the request to exchang the code for an access token (GH-89, GH-90).

  • FIXED: Request body is not properly serialized to JSON, and the "Content-Type" header was omissed (GH-91).

  • CHANGED: Minimum Ruby version >= 2

  • CHANGED: Renamed api_endpoint to base_url to match the other clients.

The client has been completely redesigned to support the API v2. Overall, the client behaves like the previous version, however it has been rewritten to leverage the API v2 features specifically.

Internal changes were made to match conventions adopted in other clients, such as the Go one and the Elixir one.


  • FIXED: Paths may mistakenly be generated use \ on windows.


  • NEW: Add the ability to set headers and pass extra connection params in each API method (GH-64)



2.0 is a complete client redesign.

  • NEW: Add support changing name servers (GH-52). Thanks @rosscooperman

  • NEW: Add support for all DNSimple API methods.

  • CHANGED: Drop 1.8.7, 1.9.2 support. Required Ruby >= 1.9.3.

  • CHANGED: This package no longer provides a CLI. The CLI has been extracted to aetrion/dnsimple-ruby-cli

  • CHANGED: Renamed the Gem from "dnsimple-ruby" to "dnsimple" (GH-23).

  • CHANGED: Renamed the namespace from DNSimple to Dnsimple.

  • REMOVED: The library no longer provides built-in support for loading the credentials from a config file.


  • FIXED: Fixed a bug where API token environment variables were not properly detected (GH-59, GH-62). Thanks @oguzbilgic and @rupurt.

Release 1.7.1

  • FIXED: Updated Certificate to match the serialized attributes (GH-53).

Release 1.7.0

  • NEW: Add support for Domain-based authentication (GH-40, GH-46). Thanks @dwradcliffe and @samsonasu.

Release 1.6.0

  • NEW: Add support for 2FA (GH-44)

Release 1.5.5

  • NEW: Add notice about the CLI moving to a new location

Release 1.5.4

  • NEW: Added domain#expires_on attribute (GH-34). Thanks @alkema

  • NEW: Add various missing domain attributes (GH-38). Thanks @nickhammond

  • NEW: Added support for auto-renewal (GH-36). Thanks @mzuneska

  • CHANGED: now uses the correct patch for API v1.

Release 1.5.3

  • FIXED: In some cases the client crashed with NoMethodError VERSION (GH-35).

Release 1.5.2

  • NEW: Provide a meaningful user-agent.

Release 1.5.1

  • FIXED: Invalid base URI.

Release 1.5.0

  • CHANGED: Added support for versioned API (GH-33)

Release 1.4.0

  • CHANGED: Normalized exception handling. No more RuntimeError. In case of request error, the client raises RequestError, RecordExists or RecodNotFound depending on the called method.

  • CHANGED: Use Accept header to determine the request type instead of the .json suffix in the URL.

  • CHANGED: Renamed commands to the ObjectAction scheme (e.g. CreateDomain became DomainCreate).

  • CHANGED: Removed DomainError, UserNotFound, CertificateNotFound, CertificateExists error classes. See Error and RequestError.

  • CHANGED: Removed DNSimple::Command base class.

  • FIXED: Cucumber was trying to execute steps on main website instead of given site.

  • FIXED: We're no longer accepting route format. Use the correct header.