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#Beervana - Your Haven For Beer!

##About It's Beer:30. Learn how to brew or search for any beer or brewery you could possibly imagine. Made in a 5 days by Derek Nuzum and Jonathan Stevenson.

##Screenshot Screenshot

##Technologies used


  • Brainstormed potential ideas, finalized one relating to a homebrew beer recipies app.
  • Outline of daily goals, frequently meet up throughout process, and partner up for difficult tasks, communicated in person and via app(s) when remote coding
    • Researched APIs involving beer and beer recipies
    • Realized that with no working recipie APIs, creating one would be a large task. Switched gears to a beer and brewery search.
    • Worked towards and success with creating API calls to BreweryDB beer search.
    • Build basic app, views, routes, and search.
    • Implemented Angular-Scroll-Animate for animations.
    • Implemented local user authentication
    • Implemented brewery search
    • Implemented user favorites
    • Constant styling adjustments and testing
    • We reviewed site for all error catching, and minor styling adjustments

##User stories

Learning Experiences and Ideas for Future Development

  • We started out with a lot of pair programming to figure out the API since it was a pretty difficult beast. We learned that we not only found it beneficial, but pretty enjoyable as well.
  • Given more time we'd like to map the brewery addresses to Google Maps or Mapbox for a more concise user experience.
  • We'd love to build a beer recipie API. We have a passion for homebrewing and the only other recipie app/API we could find is defunct and hasn't been updated in a couple years. We'd like to rectify that for the community.


It's Beer:30. Learn how to brew or search for any beer or brewery you could possibly imagine.




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