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A small akka-persistence-jdbc demo project
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This is a small demo project on how to configure your application to use akka-persistence-jdbc.

It shows the following:

  • How to configure akka-persistence-jdbc,
  • How to connect to a Postgres database,
  • The postgres database schema to use,
  • How to persist events to the journal,
  • How to create, configure and use Google Protocol Buffers for your data model,
  • How to create, configure and an EventAdapter, to tag events, and convert your domain model to your data model (protobuf),
  • How to create, configure and use Custom Serializers to convert your data model (protobuf) to byte arrays and vice-versa,
  • How to query for events using the akka-persistence-query interface,
  • How to query tagged events using the akka-persistence-query interface,
  • How to create your own custom persistency strategy using a custom journal dao using three tables, one event-log and two event-content tables for storing event data typed (that is query-able, I would not recommend this strategy though, but its possible!),
  • In short, how easy it is to create an event sourced application.

Have fun!

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