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A template project for quickly creating a serverless data-segment
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A template project for quickly creating a serverless data-segment. A data-segment is a single element of a serverless data lake. When designed effectively, a grid of data-segments is effectively a data lake. A single data-segment is designed as a kappa-component. In the Kappa Architecture, the central storage mechanism is an append-only immutable log, here Kinesis. From the log, data is streamed through a computational system and fed into auxiliary stores for serving. A data-segment is made out of a Kinesis Stream that is the immutable log, a Kinesis Extended S3 Firehose service and an S3 bucket that stores all log to an S3 bucket, effectively becoming a single element of the data lake. From the Kinesis Stream, computational components in the form of Kinesis Analytics will process data in real time.

For more information see sbt-sam


Create a new template project by typing:

sbt new dnvriend/sam-data-segment-seed.g8


To deploy the project type samDeploy


To remove the project type samRemove


To get deployment information like available endpoints and stack information, type samInfo

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