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A template project for quickly creating applications that publish to Kinesis.
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A template project for quickly creating serverless applications that publish to Amazon Kinesis. For more information see sbt-sam


Create a new template project by typing:

sbt new dnvriend/sam-kinesis-seed.g8


  • To deploy the project type samDeploy
  • To remove the project type samRemove
  • To get deployment information like available endpoints and stack information, type samInfo

Kinesis Limits

Lambda only pulls Kinesis records every 200 ms. Kinesis limits read requests to five per second on each shard. Batch size: Valid Range: Minimum value of 1. Maximum value of 10000, default: 100 TRIM_HORIZON - Start reading at the last untrimmed record in the shard in the system, which is the oldest data record in the shard. LATEST - Start reading just after the most recent record in the shard, so that you always read the most recent data in the shard.

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