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This software is still in early pre-alpha development stage.


Ludi.js is [meant to be] a javaScript (js) web application development platform.

For all experts, Ludi.js is rewritten to javaScript and without any native presentation layer.

For the rest of audience, Ludi.js is a library connecting different server side and offline js engines such as

(with their server APIs and database drivers) to modern AJAX widget sets like

The main goal of the project is to provide a unified handy minimalistic API for developing portable Web applications targeting js as a core platorm.

Ludi.js is presented as multiple 'libraries' each of which represent a combination of adapters for:

  • a js engine
  • a DBMS
  • a DB driver for that js engine

and so on.

A well written Ludi.js application should run smoothly with any of these libraries without any changes.