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LEMP on Ubuntu 18.04

This playbook will install a LEMP environment on an Ubuntu 18.04 machine, as explained in the guide on How to Use Ansible to Install and Set Up LEMP on Ubuntu 18.04. A virtualhost will be created with the options specified in the vars/default.yml variable file.


  • mysql_root_password: the password for the MySQL root account.
  • http_host: your domain name.
  • http_conf: the name of the configuration file that will be created within Apache.
  • http_port: HTTP port, default is 80.

Running this Playbook

Quick Steps:

1. Obtain the playbook

git clone
cd ansible-playbooks/lemp_ubuntu1804

2. Customize Options

nano vars/default.yml
mysql_root_password: "mysql_root_password"
http_host: "your_domain"
http_conf: "your_domain.conf"
http_port: "80"

3. Run the Playbook

ansible-playbook -l [target] -i [inventory file] -u [remote user] playbook.yml

For more information on how to run this Ansible setup, please check this guide: How to Use Ansible to Install and Set Up LEMP on Ubuntu 18.04.

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