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Wordpress on Ubuntu 18.04 LAMP

This playbook will install a WordPress website on top of a LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) on an Ubuntu 18.04 machine, as explained in the guide on How to Use Ansible to Set Up Wordpress on Ubuntu 18.04 LAMP. A virtualhost will be created with the options specified in the vars/default.yml variable file.


  • php_modules: An array containing PHP extensions that should be installed to support your WordPress setup. You don't need to change this variable, but you might want to include new extensions to the list if your specific setup requires it.
  • mysql_root_password: The desired password for the root MySQL account.
  • mysql_db: The name of the MySQL database that should be created for WordPress.
  • mysql_user: The name of the MySQL user that should be created for WordPress.
  • mysql_password: The password for the new MySQL user.
  • http_host: Your domain name.
  • http_conf: The name of the configuration file that will be created within Apache.
  • http_port: HTTP port for this virtual host, where 80 is the default.

Running this Playbook

Quickstart guide for those already familiar with Ansible:

1. Obtain the playbook

git clone
cd ansible-playbooks/wordpress-lamp_ubuntu1804

2. Customize Options

nano vars/default.yml
#System Settings
php_modules: [ 'php-curl', 'php-gd', 'php-mbstring', 'php-xml', 'php-xmlrpc', 'php-soap', 'php-intl', 'php-zip' ]

#MySQL Settings
mysql_root_password: "mysql_root_password"
mysql_db: "wordpress"
mysql_user: "sammy"
mysql_password: "password"

#HTTP Settings
http_host: "your_domain"
http_conf: "your_domain.conf"
http_port: "80"

3. Run the Playbook

ansible-playbook -l [target] -i [inventory file] -u [remote user] playbook.yml

For more information on how to run this Ansible setup, please check this guide: How to Use Ansible to Install and Set Up WordPress with LAMP on Ubuntu 18.04.

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