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Build a blog using Nest.js, Vue.js and MongoDB

Application repo for a simple blog application built with Nest.js, Vue.js and MongoDB.

Getting Started

This prototype is divided into two separate sections. Namely the Backend ( Built with Nest.js) and the frontend ( Built with Vue.js ).

Clone the repository

To easily set up the application, clone this repository which contains directory for both sections of the project ( i.e blog-backend and blog-frontend)

git clone

Change directory into the newly cloned project

cd nest-vue-project


Change directory into the backend

cd blog-backend

Install backend dependencies

npm install


Ensure that you have mongoDB installed on your machine before running the application. I have this fully setup on my mac already.

Start mongoDB:

sudo mongod

Run the application

Open another terminal and still within the blog-backend project directory run the application with:

npm run start:dev

This will start the backend application on port 3000.


Open another terminal from the nest-vue-project and navigate to the blog-frontend folder to setup the frontend

Frontend dependencies

cd blog-frontend
npm install

Run the frontend app

npm run serve

Test the application

Finally open your browser and view the application on http://localhost:8080


Node.js, Npm, MongoDB

Built With

Nest.js Vue.js MongoDB

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