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kindeditor for rails 3
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Rails KindEditor integration plugin with paperclip support for rails3 Rc,it supports active_record and mongoid!

Kindeditor is a open source HTML visual editor ,it can work good in IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.and it has become one of the most popular editor in China.

KindEditor version: 3.5.1 zh-cn Kindeditor


  • Rails3
  • Paperclip(if you use mongoid,make sure your paperclip can work in mongoid,you can edit paperclip.rb in config/initializers)

    Paperclip.options[:log] = false


  • As a plugin

    rails plugin install git://

  • As a gem

    sudo gem install kindeditor

  • copy files .

    rails g kindeditor:install


  • kindeditor helper to layout that you want to use it


  • add a id "kindeditor" to your textarea

Support options

:orm ,default 'active_record'


The install generator will copy kindeditor_controller.rb to app/controllers , kindeditor_image.rb to app/mondels and kindeditor folder to public/javascripts.

If you want to mondify the Kindeditor items,you can open public/javascripts/kindeditor/kindeditor_config.js,and modify it for yourself.


if you want to use for diffrent layout and you want to custom yourself,you can add args for kindeditor_javacript_include_tag and you can add cache option to it.defaut :cache=>false eg:


then it will use your config and will not use defauot config in kindeditor folder.


Add images paginate

Support CarrierWave

Example Use:

  1. Create CRUD for post

    rails generate scaffold post title:string body:text

    Run Migrations

  2. rake db:migrate

  3. Add following line to application.html.erb


  4. Modify views/posts/_form.html.erb

    <%= f.text_area :body,:id => "kindeditor" %>


any sugestions? doinsist at

released under the MIT license

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