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CrispInjector is a simple DLL injector/hooking app made in VB.NET

How to Use

Video Tutorial: (coming soon)


  1. Download the latest release here
  2. Move the EXE to the folder with the rest of your DLLs (for ease; optional)
  3. Get the process application name (For CSGO: type "csgo" or "Csgo")
  4. Click the "Browse" button and import your DLLs.
  5. Select "Manual" mode to inject when you're ready or automatic for CrispInjector to inject when the process is found (checks every minute)

If using "Manual" mode, when ready, press the "Inject" button to inject the DLL selected in the list

  1. Press the "Quit" button when you are 100% done with injecting for that session (you can always come back).


Coded by Incrested

GUI by Incrested

Used by Kettlecorn

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