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New Tabs Done Right.
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New Tabs Done Right.

This project is about to become an active project. You can view the roadmap here.

Luna used to be a new tab extension for most major browsers made to parody TOR. It wasn't made to be functional, more so just be realistic.

Luna is a new tab extension for all major browsers. It is built with privacy and user-customizability in mind and is ready to accelerate your day swiftly. Just to let you know: if you have browser-essentials, you should not install Luna, as you can install the Luna plugin for BE.


You can learn how to install automatically or how to install manually with the respected links.

Legal and Other Information

Luna is an open-source product. Although you can see the code publicly, there is still certain licensing requirements that you need to follow. To learn about these requirements, head to the LICENSE file and read to understand your rights with this product.

It's important to understand Luna uses miscellaneous APIs, upon the user enabling them. Luna does not store any of this data, however, we recommended reading the privacy policies outlined in API_LICENSES file so you can ensure you know how your data is handled by any APIs you use.

Luna was originally developed by Daniel, Lucky, and Rishi Veerepalli. This project was forked and is working towards being an even better version of the original product, as well as the new product plan.

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