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A Steam game randomizer for people who don't know what to play.
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Random Steam Game Picker

This is a simple tool that can look in your profile's game inventory (granted you have a public profile and game activity) and randomly give you a game to play. This is nice for people who don't know what to play or have wa y too many games.

Q: Is this both CLI and web?

A: Yes, it is built to be able to work as a web server if you optionally install Express and use the views. However, it also works fine without it.

Q: Why is JSLint a dev dependency?

A: JSLint is used to.. well.. lint JavaScript. It not only helps me find obvious issues and also minimize code, but it can also allow the end-user some assistance troubleshooting if making a fork or trying to add a new feature.

Q: Why GPL-3.0?

A: It has always been my main license of choice, next to MIT, purely because I see it to be a fair, open-source license.

Q: How do I install/build?

A: Start by running npm i. While that installs dependencies, open the .env.example file, rename it to .env and configure the file to your liking. Afterwards, you can run node cli.js with any of the flags mentioned in If you want to use the web version, do npm i express, which will install Express. Once that finishes, simply run npm init-web and go to the link that it gives you. It should be localhost:#####, with the numbers replaced with a port that is auto generated and/or decided via the .env file.

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