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RSE-Maude: A Ring-Specification Environment on top of Maude

RSE-Maude is a Full Maude extension for easily specifying robots algorithms in ring topologies. Its main features are:

  1. It provides a ring attribute that makes sequences work module symmetry and rotation. It also provides cring and aring for clockwise and anti-clockwise rings, respectively, which only work modulo rotation.
  2. It provides three different predefined ways to specify ring modules.
  3. It provides facilities for easily model-checking ring algorithm. In particular, it eases the verification of exploration algorithms.

Getting the tool

The code of 'RSE-Maude' is contained in a GIT repository on GitHub, whose URL is To get a copy of the repository you only have to write in your Linux/MacOS console:

$ git clone

This will create an RSE-Maude folder containing the source code of the tool as well as several examples.

Using the tool

  1. RSE-Maude requires Maude 2.7 and Full Maude 2.7 to be installed in your computer. The Maude system is available here.

  2. Go to the src folder and start Maude while loading maude-ring.maude:

    $ maude maude-ring.maude

  3. Now, Full Maude modules using the ring attribute can be introduced. For example,

         sorts Seq Config .
         op emp : -> Seq [ctor] .

         op __ : Seq Seq -> Seq [ctor assoc id: emp] .
         op <_> : Seq -> Config [ctor ring].

The module SIMPLE-RING above defines the operator <_> as the wrapper of a sequence that behaves as a bi-directional ring.


The folder src/examples contains several examples that can be directly used to get a glimpse of how RSE-Maude works. In order to execute them, just start RSE-Maude as indicated in the previous section. Then, go to the examples folder

$ cd examples/

and load any of the files. For example, the exploration.maude file presents how to model check the exploration property.

More information

The RSE-Maude manual and its theoretical foundations are available in the doc folder.

Please contact doanha [@] for more information.

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