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Control a Virgin V6 or TiVo box on your local network using an Arduino ESP32 or ESP8266, including a web browser remote.
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v6Control - A V6 / TiVo Controller library

This is a library for use with a Wifi-enabled Arduino (tested with ESP32 / ESP8266) in order to control a Virgin Media V6 or TiVo box on the local network directly from your microcontroller.

Getting started

In order to get started you must enable Network Remote Control in your V6/TiVo device settings. NOTE: anyone with the network key can then control the set top box - only do this on totally trusted networks.

Install the library in your Arduino/Platformio IDE and include the library header like #include "v6Control.h" at the top of your sketch.

To interact with a set top box you need to create a v6Client object which is defined as part of the library. To do this write the line v6Client my_v6(ip); where my_v6 can be any name you like and ip is a const char* of the set top boxes IP address.

Optionally enable printing of library debug and response messages from the set top box to the Arduino Serial Monitor by calling my_v6.setSerialOutput(&Serial); after creating the object.

You can then issue any command in the library and see the change on your TV. For example v6.changeChannel(102);. See the examples folder for a more comprehensive example.


The most basic "Hello World" of this library. Showcases how to set up a connection and issue a command to the set top box

As above but achieves its result by simulating pressing individual number keys.

A feature rich example which uses your microcontroller as a web server to host a webpage which has an interface for most functions of the library, which you can view on any device with a web browser.

Full Command Function List

Numeric Inputs

  • changeChannel(int c);
  • numericInput(int n);

Playback States

  • playbackPlay();
  • playbackPause();
  • playbackFwd();
  • playbackRev();
  • playbackReplay();
  • playbackAdvance();
  • playbackRecord();
  • playbackStop();

Navigation Buttons

  • navUp();
  • navDown();
  • navLeft();
  • navRight();
  • navOk();
  • navHome();
  • navTv();
  • navGuide();
  • navInfo();
  • navBack();
  • navRed();
  • navGreen();
  • navYellow();
  • navBlue();


  • subsOn();

  • subsOff();

  • chUp();

  • chDown();

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