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X2SW is a bundle designed to simplify the process of setting up the software and profiles for all kinds of RepRap 3D Printers.

The latest version binaries are available for download through this page:

The bundle main components are Printrun, Skeinforge and Slic3r. All the three components are tightly integrated into a single software package that significantly simplifies the process of setting up and managing the software.

The configuration files for the specific printer model (if available in the online or pre-installed profiles repository) might be retrieved using x2Profiler app that is integrated with the Printrun UI version included in the bundle. The software profiles might be shared with other X2SW bundle users through the online profiles repository hosted on GitHub.

The software installer for MS Windows (XP, Vista, Win7...) and binary package for Linux are available. The Windows installer takes care of all the software setup steps from the Arduino drivers pre-install to deploying the software configuration profiles.

See the following pages for more information:

  1. Supported Platforms
  2. Windows Installation
  3. Linux Installation
  4. Running from Sources
  5. x2Profiler
  6. Sharing Printer Profiles
  7. Release Notes
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