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The x2Profiler wizard helps to select and deploy the X2SW profile for your printer. It guides you through the following steps.

1. This page allows choosing what GIT repository to select the profile from. You can choose the local or online repository. The local GIT repository is expected to be under .x2sw directory in the X2SW bundle folder (the binary packages contain a snapshot of the profiles repository). The online profiles repository is here:

2. If you choose the online repository the download page will show the progress and/or the result of the online repository download.

3. At this step you can select a X2SW profile for your printer. The profiles are arranged in a tree structure. Each profile has a description provided by its author. The profiles might contain configuration files for all or some of the various software packages of the the X2SW bundle. The content of those files might determine what features are enabled or disabled. For example the X2 profiles enable the dual extrusion features in Pronterface UI that are not accessible if a Makerbot CupCake profile is selected. You'll need to select a profile to proceed to the next page. Note that as of v1.2.0.1 only the profiles compatible with the X2SW version number are displayed by default. You still can select "Show all" checkbox to see all the available profiles.

4. The "local" or "in-place" profile storage mode can be turned on or off. The setting is chosen per user account. The local mode forces all the X2SW components to store and look for their configuration files under .x2sw directory in the installation folder. If the mode is off the files will be stored under .x2sw in the user home directory. Depending on the mode chosen you might be able to either share the same or use specific profile for each X2SW software installation. The profile Deployment Path for the mode chosen is displayed at the top of the page (highlighted). If you are only interested in using the x2Profiler wizard to change the storage mode then it can be closed as soon as the desired checkbox state is set. Example:

In place mode is off:

In-place mode is on:

5. Confirm the request to deploy if you'd like to proceed. Note that when you deploy the new profile all the files under the chosen deployment path will be deleted and the selected profile files will be copied there. The deployment operation starts when you proceed to the next wizard page.

6. The last window shows the result of the file deployment process.

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