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Lazer Puzzle

This is a prototype of a mini-game concept for a bigger game that we're working on.

How to play: rotate the pieces until the lasers reach the sensors. When all the sensors are activated, you win!

For development you probably want to put a full copy of playcraft in here so that playcraftjs/lib has files in it, and then use dev.html instead of index.html to run the game. That way you'll get some development goodies and better debugging (but slower startup time and possibly slower game performance).

Play the game here:


All the graphics are original artwork by my partner in crime Glenn Martin.

Game mechanic by Duncan Shields (thought of the rotating pieces) with help from Dobes Vandermeer, Leigh Tingle, and Glenn Martin.

Programming by Dobes Vandermeer.

Original music by Christopher Tyler Nickel


Repacking The Spritesheet

The app uses one big sprite sheet for most of the images. Use TexturePacker to repack the spritesheet if you make changes.

First you'll have to set the TexturePacker exporters folder to the texturepacker-exporter folder in here, or copy its contents to your existing TexturePacker exporter folder.

Then you can open images/spritesheet.tps in TexturePacker and click Publish to build a new spritesheet.png.

Building for CocoonJS

To make a CocoonJS compatible ZIP file, add these to a zip file, preserving their relative path from this folder:

  • images
  • js
  • playcraftjs
  • sounds/*.mp3
  • index.html

Deploying CocoonJS Build to Android

Here are the commands needed to sign, align, and deploy the release build from CocoonJS:

jarsigner -verbose -sigalg MD5withRSA -digestalg SHA1 Laser_Puzzle_*_release_unsigned.apk apk
jarsigner -verify Laser_Puzzle_*_release_unsigned.apk
zipalign -v 4 Laser_Puzzle_*_release_unsigned.apk LaserPuzzle.apk
adb install -r LaserPuzzle.apk

Note the "install -r" means reinstall. Remove -r on the last one if it's not already installed.

Deploying CocoonJS Build to iOS

Here are the steps needed to package the app for iOS and create a signed IPA for Ad-Hoc distribution.

  1. Get yourself on a Mac with Xcode (sadly, no windows steps currently)
  2. Open up the xcode project from the zip file
  3. From the menu, choose Product > Archive
  4. Select the newly created archive in the "Organizer" that pops up, and click Distribute...
  5. Choose "Save for Enterprise or Ad-Hoc Deployment"
  6. Choose the code signing identity that has the right devices associated.

Full instructions are here:


The game, its source code, and its audio assets are provided as-is without any warrantees as to their suitability for any purpose. Use at your own risk.

Graphics and audio are provided for example purposes only and may only be re-used with explicit permission from their creators.

The javascript and HTML source code can be copied and re-used freely in other projects. Consider it public domain.


Feb 2013 game - laser puzzle game, rotate pieces to let light pass to the sensors






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