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In which field of application is your project located?

Financial Technologies. We create a new, simplified type of barrier option that any trader can trade.

What is your business model of the project?

We create a trading platform P2P. In which participants buy and sell options. Our task is to guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations of all participants. Because this is a futures market and when participants trade options, obligations arise when a certain date comes.

What is your project about?

We create a unique service. Our trading platform is created for trading promises / commitments or in the financial world it is called Options. Each participant can buy or sell an option. By selling an option, the participant promises something, that is, assumes the obligation. The buyer of the option pays coins for this promise. In the financial world, any commitment, anything to do - is worth the money. The daily trading of stock options on world markets is trillions of dollars and it has more than 35-year history of active trading. Derivativam on Crypto currency is only a few years old, but they are already actively traded. And with the introduction of options on CME, the volumes will grow exponentially. We do not offer a classic stock option, but its simplified version. In fact, according to the calculations of the premium, etc., it is the same exchange option, but it is transformed so that any trader can understand and trade it.

What problem should your project solve?

The problem is that the trading of stock options requires exceptional professional qualities. The pricing of stock options has a multidimensional nonlinearity.

We offer the market a complete analog of the stock option, but,

  • No variation margin.
  • With an understandable, unchanged Warranty.
  • With maximum protection on the principle of "Nobody - does not trust anyone."

We propose to perceive the option not as a price in dollars or bitcoins for the right to demand fulfillment of the obligation to buy or sell the underlying asset, but as a ratio Ratio to which you must multiply the invested amount in the option to receive your profit after the option conditions are met. And most importantly, By conducting a clearing in a decentralized manner through a smart contract, we guarantee payment to all bidders. It is the guarantee of payments that is the key to the liquidity of our Trading platform. Every commitment must be fulfilled!

What is the target audience for your project?

Basically, these are traders who trade crypto currency. It is they who need to hedge their open positions in the open market. Also these are speculators who can trade on our platform in a directional manner, but with a limited loss. And naturally, arbitrageurs are traders who make a profit at any outcome of an event. For companies that issue loans in the crypto currency, this is the most elegant solution to protect the loan against a depreciation of the value of a crypto currency [1] [2] [3].

We can offer the market an exotic application of the service. In the form of an option board for the profitability of mining. In this case, owners of equipment for mining can hedge their risks to reduce the profitability of mining. [4] Thus, the service can be used by miners, those who bet on sports [5], investors in crypto funds [6]

What are the existing solutions to the problem?

The problem is one, a trader can not insure his open positions in the market. There are no insurance companies here. There are only stock options. But in order to hedge against falling, you need to select and build a certain construction from options, and for this you need the appropriate professional qualities of the trader. We offer a ready-made solution for a trader, an option without a variation margin, with an understandable guarantee and a guarantee of making a profit in the event that the option is exercised.

Name your competitors

We always stand for competition in any kind of business. But in our case, our service complements financial technologies and our competitors are essentially our partners. We see the main partners in the Deribit options trading platform. They offer traders to trade stock options. On our platform, you can insure open positions on the Deribit platform. Thus, customers trading on the Deribit site will buy or sell options on our platform and vice versa.

What are your advantages?

First: we create a simplified view of the exchange option. It can be called a barrier, but it is not a classic barrier option. This is an option of a new type. They can trade absolutely any trader who does not understand anything in stock options. Our option will perform absolutely the same functions as the stock option: insure open positions, speculation and arbitration.

Secondly: on our site, payments to all bidders are guaranteed. Because all transactions are conducted through the blockchain. We close the interests of players on each other on the principle "Nobody trusts anyone".

Why is your product better?

Our product is a simplified option. It is better than an exchange option on the following characteristics:

  • no variation margin
  • The guarantee provision is understandable and it does not change with time
  • Each participant, if his option is executed, regardless of what gets his profit

What is the barrier option DoBETacceptBET?

Barrier options DoBETacceptBET - are options, payments on which depend on the achievement of the price of the underlying asset that occurred during the existence of the option.

A barrier option is a contract that gives the buyer:

the right to demand from the seller an amount equal to the sum spent on the purchase of the option multiplied by the Ratio coefficient, provided: that at a certain date (date, expiration, expiration date) the price of the b / a will be higher - optionUP or lower - optionDOWN, prices (strike).

What are options UP?

Option UP is the type of the Option, payment of which depends on the price reaching the underlying asset that occurred during the existence of the option. The option takes effect when the price rises to the specified level. The Option holder is entitled to demand payment of the amount in DCA tokens in the amount of the amount in DCA paid for the option multiplied by ratio;

What are options DOWN?

Option DOWN is a type of Option in which the payoff depends on the price of the underlying asset during the lifetime of the option. The option comes into effect when the price falls to the specified level the Option Holder is entitled to demand payment of the amount in DCA tokens in the amount of the amount in DCA paid for the option multiplied by the ratio;

What is the Ratio?

The settlement value determined by the Exchange on the basis of the price and volatility of the b / a Option during the Trades. The procedure for calculating the Ratio Ratio is approved by the Fund DoBETacceptBET and published on the DoBETacceptBEt website;

What is a options desk?

The option Board consists of strikes closest to the price of the underlying asset. desk

Why Do Barrier Options DoBETacceptBET?

This is a complete analog of the stock option, but,

  • No variation margin.
  • With an understandable, unchanged Warranty.
  • With maximum protection on the principle of "Nobody - does not trust anyone."

How do we use blocking in the project?

Not all bids submitted and not all transactions are recorded in the block. Because it is very expensive for bidders. We plan to clear twice a day (24 hours). Information on the blocking of coins DCA for each participant is changed in a blockage twice a day.

What payment is charged to bidders?

The fee for using the service is collected only from the participant who has received a profit from trading options. And it is from 3% of the profit amount.

Can I deposit currency fiat, for example USD, EUR, etc.?

No, on the platform it is possible to trade only with the domestic currency of the DCA exchange. You can buy it on the exchange or inside your personal cabinet. When we can receive cash, it will be announced later.

Can I trade Bitcoin or Ether on the DoBETacceptBET trading platform?

No. Trade takes place only in the inner coin of DCA

What liquidity will be on the exchange? Why do you think that there will be willing to take risks on payments with an increased ratio?

At the initial stage, FundDoBETacceptBET will keep bids for the sale of options in an amount sufficient to meet the needs of customers. And this is not a gesture of charity. We have enough tools to hedge positions in the open market.

In the future, other participants will be selling the marshalling options.

If I lost two-factor authentication (2FA), how can I access my account?

Send an email to support@dobet.info, and we will begin the procedure.

Is trading open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week?

Yes. Options trading will occur on 24/7. So, as part of the information is processed on the servers, we do not exclude short-term failures in the work, and the work will be stopped during the system update.

If I want to delete my account, can I do this?

No. Since your account is tied to your e-wallet ETH, we can not delete accounts, but we can put your account in a "lock" state so that trading and withdrawals are impossible. Please send us an e-mail at support@dobet.info if you want to block your account.

What do you mean by Brokerage?

Brokerage is an opportunity for each participant to receive additional profit through a dedicated terminal. By signing an agreement with FundDoBETacceptBET and receiving a terminal (web application), the participant becomes a broker. The broker, connecting bidders, through the terminal provided by FundDoBETacceptBET, may issue a commission of its own that will be collected from the bidders connected to this Broker. The commission is exposed in percentage of profit, loss, from the turnover of bidders. Commission Exchange is already built into the terminal, its broker can not change. And also, the broker has the opportunity to conduct his own referral programs, assigning referrals an agreed percentage of profits, thereby increasing the number of bidders.

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