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make replay taking port from config

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dobin committed Jun 15, 2018
1 parent 481c89e commit 183f72850f17f7c55db7c75a47abad2c7fbf69a4
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@@ -241,13 +241,16 @@ def ffwMinimize(config, args):
def ffwReplay(config, args):
replayer = replay.Replayer(config)
targetPort = None
if not args.file:
print "Use --file to specify a file to be replayed"
elif not args.targetport:
print "Use --targetport to specify port to send data to"
replayer.replayFile(args.targetport, args.file)
return False
if not args.targetport:
targetPort = config['target_port']
replayer.replayFile(targetPort, args.file)
def ffwUpload(config, args):

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