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Artificial Intelligence Modules, components to run in the Internet of Things framework,, These modules will run on your smartphone, on a raspberry pi, on a server, in a docker, and all native, in C++! The modules communicate through firewalls using XMPP. And on single machine they can use ZeroMQ, YARP, or Androi…
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For a proper introduction see the AIM website. This AIM repository currently contains:

  • rur-builder to generate header files for a range of middlewares
  • aimtools, a suite of tools to create, register, copy, and connect modules
  • zmqserver, a nameserver for ZeroMQ connections
  • zmqconnect, an exogenous coordination method to connect two modules with each other
  • aimserver, a REST interface for the aimtools

For users

AIM is a framework to develop Artificial Intelligence software. This repository contains all tools that are necessary to make this work. A subset of the functionality of AI modules themselves can be found in Every module requires a description file, so it can also be found easy on Google or Github, e.g.:

In the end, the code will be available to you through a market place, called Dodedodo.

In order to download this repository, enter the following command:

git clone --recursive

For developers

You can best start with the description at and create your first modules.

For AIM developers

The submodules do not update themselves, you will need to update this thing. Do not forget to use --recursive on cloning, or else the submodules will not be checked out. Afterwards, a series of commands will update this repository:

git pull
git submodule foreach git pull origin master
git add -u
git commit -m "Update $(date). Your message."
git push


The copyrights (2014) belong to:

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