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Slides from my talks
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Dobriban - Computation, statistics and random matrix theory - Harvard Oct 2016.pdf
Dobriban - Deterministic parallel analysis for selecting the number of factors - France 2017.pdf
Dobriban - High-Dimensional Asymptotics of Prediction. Ridge Regression ML Reading Gp Stanford 2015 outline.pdf
Dobriban - Multiple Testing with Prior Information identifies loci for exceptional longevity Big Data in Biomedicine 2016 poster.pdf
Dobriban - Optimal Multiple Testing with Prior Information MCP 2015 slides.pdf
Dobriban - Optimal detection of principal components in high dimensional data - Stanford Aug 2016 - slides.pdf
Dobriban - Optimal prediction in the linearly transformed spiked model - GATech 2017.pdf
Dobriban - Weighted multiple testing by convex optimization - MCP 2017 slides.pdf
Dobriban - ePCA. Exponential Family PCA - Stanford Feb 2017 - slides.pdf


Contains slides from my talks.

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