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Chapter 4


In this fourth chapter we will learn about methods and computed properties.

Methods in Vue.js allow for the creation of a cleaner and dryer code. Logic gets moved away from components to dedicated methods, making templates clean and readable, while all the logic is kept in one easy to read place.


What I will do:

  1. Move all the javascript logic to an app.js file in the same folder.
  2. Move the event handler for showing the members dropdown to a method.
    • Define a showHouse method on the Vue instance
    • It should accept the houseId as a parameter
    • Set the currentHouse on the instance to equal houseId - this.currentHouse = houseId
    • Set showHouse on the .house element's click handler. Pass the houseId as a parameter.
    • Check in the Browser. Make sure it shows the dropdown.
    • Use the showHouse method to hide the dropdown when clicking the .map.

What you will do:

  1. Move the visibility check in the v-if on .members to a method
    • Define an isVisible method inside the Vue instance methods property.
    • It should accept the houseId as a parameter
    • Return the result from comparing houseId param to the currentHouse data property. this.currentHouse === houseId
    • Test in Browser.


  1. Make the showHouse method toggle the dropdown off if its already visible.