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Chapter 6


In this sixth chapter we will learn how to work with .vue Single File Components.

We will be using Vue CLI to transform those .vue files into browser readable javascript files.



You have two paths to choose from:

  1. Use the Codesandbox sandbox and directly work there

    • You wont need to fiddle with Vue CLI, Node etc.
    • You still have the benefit of using .vue files and bundling
    • You can develop everywhere in the browser
    • You will not however be able to configure it like with the CLI
    • Uses old CLI version, wont be a problem for current exercises.
  2. Use the Vue CLI locally on PC

    • You need to have Node and NPM Installed
    • You need to download Vue CLI and install it globally
    • You need to scaffold a new project (steps below)


You can directly start using the Chapter 6 Starter Sandbox on Codesandbox You can go directly to step 4.


Using vue cli, we will install a fresh project that we will transfer our components into.

What I will do:

  1. Showcase how a typical project is installed with Vue CLI.
  2. Open a terminal window and go to the 6-cli-sfc/base folder.
  3. Run npm install or yarn.
    • This will install all the CLI dependencies for the project
  4. Run npm serve
    • This will run a development server, allowing you to preview your website as you work on it.
    • Open the exposed link in the browser
    • Open your browser console to keep track of errors
  5. Copy the template and properties from the Main Vue Instance to the App.vue component.
    • leave out the el property, components don't need it
    • transform data to a factory function
  6. Import the data from src/data/houses.js to App.vue
  7. Move the House component definition to a House.vue file
    • Copy the House definition to a script tag inside 6-cli-sfc/base/src/components/House.vue.
    • Copy the House template from the #house-template x-template to a template tag in House.vue
  8. Import House.vue into App.vue and register it as a local component.

What you will do:

  1. Move the Members component definition to a Members.vue file
    • Copy the Members definition and move it to a script tag inside 6-cli-sfc/base/src/components/Members.vue.
    • Copy the Members template from the #member-template x-template to a template tag in Members.vue
  2. Import Members.vue into House and register it as a local component.
  3. Test if all works in the Browser.