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[![Build Status](](
-### Latest updates
**Note:** Use 2.1.x or 2.2.x tag in order to use extensions based on Doctrine2.x.x component versions. Currently
master branch is based on 2.3.x versions and may not work with older components.
+### Latest updates
+- Translatable finally has **Personal Translations** which can relate through a real **foreign key**
+constraint and be used as a standard doctrine collection. This allows to configure domain
+objects anyway you prefere and still enjoy all features **Translatable** provides.
+- There were **BC** breaks introduced in **master** branch of extensions which is
+based on **doctrine2.3.x** version. If you are not interested in upgrading you can
+safely checkout at **2.2.x** or **2.1.x** [tag](
+To upgrade your source code follow the [upgrade guide](upgrade/
+- Library now can map only **MappedSuperclass**es which would avoid generation of **ext_**
+tables which might not be used. Also it provides [convinient methods](lib/Gedmo/DoctrineExtensions.php#L66)
+to hook extension metadata drivers into metadata driver chain.
+- [Example demo application](example/em.php) has a detailed configuration provided, which
+explains and shows how extensions can or should be used with **Doctrine2** ORM. To install
+it follow the [steps](#example-demo).
- Fixed an issue with inheritance mapping in case of multiple class extension.
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+# Upgrade from 2.1.x or 2.2.x to 2.3.0
+## Changes introduced
+- **TranslationListener** classname has changed into **TranslatableListener**
+- Abstract classes (mapped superclasses) were moved into MappedSuperclass subdirectory. Etc.:
+**Gedmo\Translatable\Entity\AbstractTranslation** now is **Gedmo\Translatable\Entity\MappedSuperclass\AbstractTranslation**
+same for abstract log entries and closure.

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