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DobsonDev WordPress Theme

This project is the WordPress theme for my website The theme can be applied to any WordPress installation, but be aware that the commenting system is different than that on DobsonDev. The commenting system on my DobsonDev was made entirely by me and made to look and function differently than the WordPress commenting system. I am actively working to move the commenting system to be an installable plugin, but it has not reached that point yet.

NOTE: I'm quite new to the whole design game and I do a lot more backend work. I think everything in here is quite organized and up to standards and all that, but you never know!

Installation & Basic Setup

To install This theme, you should unzip the package locally, then upload the dobsondev-theme folder to your WP site (via FTP):

It is highly recommended to use the supplied child theme so you don't lose changes.

An child theme is included called dobsondev-child. Simply upload that folder to your WP site the same way you did the primary dobsondev-theme folder.

Your final theme directory structure should include both:

  • wp-content/themes/dobsondev-theme
  • wp-content/themes/dobsondev-child

Activate dobsondev-child from Appearance -> Themes and enjoy.

Options Framework

Description: A framework for building theme options.
Author: Devin Price
Author URI:
GPL License:


DobsonDev WordPress Theme




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