A shared collection of project templates for Screendoor.
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Screendoor Project Templates

Name Author
City Data Analyst Kari Mah preview on screendoor
Foundation Letter of Inquiry Kari Mah preview on screendoor
Post-event Survey Kari Mah preview on screendoor
Public Records Request Kari Mah preview on screendoor
Raptor Propagation Permit Kari Mah preview on screendoor
Grant Application Kari Mah preview on screendoor

What are these templates for?

Screendoor is all about saving you time, so you and your collaborators can focus on managing your submissions.

The project template is one of many Screendoor features that serve this greater goal. We think you’ll find our drag-and-drop form builder and project wizard easy to use, but you shouldn’t have to build a project from scratch if you’ve created a similar one before. When you create a new project from a template, you can reuse configuration settings from an existing or archived project. And for the settings and form components you don’t want to reuse, you can delete or revise them in the project wizard as you see fit.

Want to learn more about using templates in Screendoor? Visit DOBT’s Knowledge Base.

Preview a template

To see how one of the templates above will look in Screendoor, click the “Preview this template on Screendoor” button. If you already have a Screendoor account, you can import the template and create a project from it right away:


If you don’t have an account, you can sign up by clicking “Sign up to use this template” at the bottom of the screen:

sign up

Contribute a template

Do you have a template that others would find useful? If so, we encourage you to share it in this very repo.

First, export your template by navigating to your list of project templates. Next, click the “Export” link next to the name of template you’d like to share:


This downloads the template as a YAML file.

Fork this repo and clone it to your computer. Then, add and commit your template to your local repo and push it to your forked repo on Github. Finally, submit a pull request! Once we confirm that the template can be imported correctly into Screendoor, we'll include it here.

Does the paragraph above make little to no sense? Does your ambition to share a template remain undeterred? If your answer to both is "Yes," we recommend reading this handy guide to contributing on Github.