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A graphics library for text mode consoles
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dobyrch Modify code to compile cleanly with -ansi -pedantic
-Set termios flags directly instead of calling cfmakeraw
-Use select instead of usleep
-Use STDERR_FILENO instead of fileno(stderr)
Latest commit 3532040 Feb 1, 2016


libtermboy is a graphics library for the Linux console. No, it's not an ASCII art library like aalib or libcaca. With libtermboy, you can draw pixel-perfect images in a text mode terminal.

To see the magic in action, clone the repository and execute make run. Use ←/→ to move and press ESC to quit. If your sound is on, press A-G for an extra surprise!

The documentation for the most useful functions can be viewed by running man doc/termboy_screen.3 (or just look at the source, it's not that long...).


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