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@@ -591,51 +591,75 @@ cvspserver stream tcp nowait root /usr/bin/cvs cvs -f -l -R -T /anoncvstmp --all
<sect3 id="mirror-ftp-rsync">
<title>Espelhando com o Rsync</title>
- <para>
- A better way to mirror the FTP area is <application>rsync</application>.
- You can install the port <filename role="package">net/rsync</filename> and then use
- rsync to sync with your upstream host.
- <application>rsync</application> is already mentioned
- in <xref linkend="mirror-serv-rsync">.
- Since <application>rsync</application> access is not
- required, your preferred upstream site may not allow it.
- You may need to hunt around a little bit to find a site
- that allows <application>rsync</application> access.</para>
+ <para>A melhor forma de espelhar a &aacute;rea FTP &eacute;
+ atrav&eacute;s do uso do <application>rsync</application>.
+ Voc&ecirc; pode instalar o port <filename
+ role="package">net/rsync</filename> e ent&atilde;o
+ utiliz&aacute;-lo para sincronizar com o seu servidor de
+ <literal>upstream</literal>. O
+ <application>rsync</application> j&aacute; foi mencionado na
+ <xref linkend="mirror-serv-rsync">. Uma vez que a
+ disponibiliza&ccedil;&atilde;o de acesso via
+ <application>rsync</application> n&atilde;o &eacute;
+ obrigat&oacute;ria, o seu site preferido de upstream pode
+ n&atilde;o disponibiliz&aacute;-lo. Voc&ecirc; pode
+ precisar gastar algum tempo procurando at&eacute; encontrar
+ um servidor que permita o acesso via
+ <application>rsync</application>.</para>
- <para>
- Since the number of <application>rsync</application>
- clients will have a significant impact on the server
- machine, most admins impose limitations on their
- server. For a mirror, you should ask the site maintainer
- you are syncing from about their policy, and maybe
- an exception for your host (since you are a mirror).
- </para>
+ <para>Uma vez que o n&uacute;mero de clientes
+ <application>rsync</application> geram um impacto
+ significativo no servidor, muitos administradores
+ definem limites para o n&uacute;mero de acessos
+ simult&acirc;neos aos seus servidores. Voc&ecirc; deve
+ consultar o respons&aacute;vel pelo servidor de
+ <literal>upstream</literal> que voc&ecirc; est&aacute;
+ utilizando, sobre as regras do servidor, e sobre a
+ possibilidade dele abrir uma excess&atilde;o para o seu
+ servidor (uma vez que voc&ecirc; &eacute; um site
+ espelho).</para>
- <para>A command line to mirror FreeBSD might look like:</para>
+ <para>A linha de comando para espelhar o FreeBSD ser&aacute;
+ parecida com esta:</para>
<screen>&prompt.user; <userinput>rsync -vaz --delete /pub/FreeBSD/</userinput>
- <para>Consult the documentation for <application>rsync</application>,
- which is also available at
- <ulink url=""></ulink>,
- about the various options to be used with rsync.
- If you sync the whole module (unlike subdirectories),
- be aware that the module-directory (here "FreeBSD")
- will not be created, so you cannot omit the target directory.
- Also you might
- want to set up a script framework that calls such a command
- via &man.cron.8;.
- </para>
+ <para>Consulte a documenta&ccedil;&atilde;o do
+ <application>rsync</application>, a qual est&aacute;
+ dispon&iacute;vel em <ulink
+ url=""></ulink>,
+ para conhecer as v&aacute;rias op&ccedil;&otilde;es que
+ podem ser utilizadas com o
+ <application>rsync</application>. Se voc&ecirc;
+ sincronizar o m&oacute;dulo inteiro (ao contr&aacute;rio
+ de apenas alguns subdiret&oacute;rios), esteja ciente de
+ que o m&oacute;dulo-diret&oacute;rio (normalmente
+ "FreeBSD") n&atilde;o ser&aacute; criado, de forma que
+ voc&ecirc; n&atilde;o deve omitir o diret&oacute;rio alvo.
+ Al&eacute;m disso, voc&ecirc; pode desejar criar um script
+ de trabalho para ser executado pelo &man.cron.8;, para
+ automatizar o processo.</para>
<sect3 id="mirror-ftp-cvsup">
- <title>With CVSup</title>
- <para>
- A few sites, including the one-and-only <hostid role="fqdn"></hostid>
- even offer <application>CVSup</application> to mirror the contents of
- the FTP space. You need to install a <application>CVSup</application>
- client, preferably from the port <filename role="package">net/cvsup</filename>.
- (Also reread <xref linkend="mirror-serv-cvsup">.)
- A sample <filename>supfile</filename> suitable for <hostid role="fqdn"></hostid>
- looks like this:</para>
+ <title>Espelhando com o CVSup</title>
+ <para>Alguns sites, incluindo o <hostid
+ role="fqdn"></hostid>
+ oferecem acesso via <application>CVSup</application> para
+ espelhamento do conte&uacute;do da &aacute;rea de FTP.
+ Voc&ecirc; precisa instalar um cliente
+ <application>CVSup</application>, preferencialmente a partir
+ do port <filename role="package">net/cvsup</filename>.
+ (consulte tamb&eacute;m a <xref
+ linkend="mirror-serv-cvsup">). Um exemplo de arquivo
+ <filename>supfile</filename> para uso com o <hostid
+ role="fqdn"></hostid>, se pareceria
+ com este:</para>
# FreeBSD archive supfile from master server
@@ -653,27 +677,39 @@ cvspserver stream tcp nowait root /usr/bin/cvs cvs -f -l -R -T /anoncvstmp --all
FreeBSD-archive release=all preserve
- <para>It seems <application>CVSup</application> would be the best
- way to mirror the archive in terms of efficiency, but
- it is only available from few sites.</para>
+ <para>Parece que o <application>CVSup</application> seria a
+ melhor op&ccedil;&atilde;o para espelhar os arquivos em
+ termos efici&ecirc;ncia, mas infelizmente ele s&oacute;
+ est&aacute; dispon&iacute;vel em alguns poucos
+ sites.</para>
<note id="mirror-cvsup-s-option">
- <para>
- Please have look at the <application>CVSup</application> documentation
- like &man.cvsup.1; and consider using the <option>-s</option>
- option. This reduces I/O operations by assuming the
- recorded information about each file is correct.</para>
+ <para>Por favor consulte a documenta&ccedil;&atilde;o do
+ <application>CVSup</application>, como por exemplo a
+ &man.cvsup.1; e considere o uso da op&ccedil;&atilde;o
+ <option>-s</option>. Esta op&ccedil;&atilde;o reduz as
+ opera&ccedil;&otilde;es de leitura e escrita para o seu
+ disco r&iacute;gido, assumindo que as
+ informa&ccedil;&otilde;es gravadas sobre cada arquivo
+ est&atilde;o corretas.</para>
<sect2 id="mirror-cvs">
- <title>Mirroring the CVS repository</title>
- <para>There are various ways to mirror the CVS repository.
- <application>CVSup</application> is the most common method.</para>
+ <title>Espelhando o reposit&oacute;rio CVS</title>
+ <para>Existem v&aacute;rias formas de se espelhar o
+ reposit&oacute;rio CVS. O <application>CVSup</application>
+ &eacute; o m&eacute;todo mais comum.</para>
<sect3 id="mirror-cvs-cvsup">
- <title>Using CVSup</title>
+ <title>Usando o CVSup</title>
- <application>CVSup</application> is described in some
+ O <application>CVSup</application>
+ is described in some
detail in <xref linkend="mirror-serv-cvsup"> and <xref linkend="mirror-ftp-cvsup">.
<para>It is very easy to setup a

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