Python clock using time quotes from the literature, this based on the work of Jaap Meijers & JohannesNE
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Clock using time quotes from the literature, based on work and idea by Jaap Meijers (E-reader clock) and the web version by JohannesNE.

This fork runs on python using PyQt4 and is designed for the for using the Raspberry Pi 7" touch screen.

Note that some of the quotes are NSFW. I'm working on a fix.


On the Raspberry pi

sudo apt-get install python-qt4


sudo apt-get install python3-pyqt4 if you are running python 3.

download or clone the this repo and run python for the downloads directory

imgage of Raspberry pi


The app runs full screen and is designed for an 800x480 display. To quit, press/click anywhere to bring up the quit button.

There's also a lit_clock.desktop file. You can edit the paths in the file for your system, copy it into ~./Desktop if you want to start the app from the desktop.

Autostarting at boot

chmod u+x

Then add @/home/pi/python/literature-clock/ to the end of the file ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart

You'll need to edit the path depending on where you have downloaded the files to.

Starting the app via SSH.

If you SSH into your pi like I do, by default the clock runs on my mac rather than the pi. Change the display settings:

export DISPLAY=:0
nohup python &

The nohup detaches the process from the terminal so you can log out and leave the app running.

Or from your remote computer ssh pi@ 'export DISPLAY=:0; cd /home/pi/python/literature-clock;nohup python >foo.out 2> foo.err </dev/null &' (edit IP address and file path as needed)