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// settings to link to open issues
jiraRoot = 'https://jira-instance'
jiraUser = 'username'
jiraPass = '' // leave empty to get a prompt
jiraProject = '' // the key of the project
jiraLabel = '' // the label to restrict search to
jiraJql = project='%jiraProject%' AND resolution='Unresolved' AND labels='%jiraLabel%' ORDER BY priority DESC, duedate ASC
// Directory containing the documents to be processed by docToolchain.
// If the documents are together with docToolchain, this can be relative path.
// If the documents are outside of docToolchain, this must be absolute path, usually provided
// on the command line with -P option given to gradle.
docDir = .
inputPath = src/docs
pdfThemeDir = ./src/docs/pdfTheme
// Path to the main configuration file, relative to docDir.
mainConfigFile = Config.groovy
// Path to the confluence configuration file, relative to docDir.
confluenceConfigFile = scripts/ConfluenceConfig.groovy
// Path to the configuration file of exportChangelog task, relative to docDir.
changelogConfigFile = scripts/ChangelogConfig.groovy