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Python script for Android's ASE which silences the phone between set hours
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Silent Night is a simple python script which silences and Android phone between set hours and unsilences the phone afterwards.

It's intended purpose is to suppress email chirps while the user is asleep.


* An Android-based device
* Android Scripting Environment (ASE) available at
* Python interpreter for ASE


* Using a file manager such as ASTRO, copy to /sdcard/ase/scripts

Alternate installation:

* Mount the phone's SD card on a PC.
* Copy to the ase/scripts directory


* Start ASE
* Long press on
* Press Edit
* Change MIN_HOUR to the hour you want the ringer silenced
* Change MAX_HOUR to the hour you want the ringer unsilenced
* * (Be sure to use 24 hour time, where 0 is 12 midnight)
* Press Menu
* Press Save

* Start ASE
* Long press on
* Press Start Service

The script will run in the background until stopped from the notification tray

Created by Christian Blades (
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