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Chris Jobling

Chris [University of Wales Swansea](]] is a University Lecturer (in the States you call those professors ... but in the UK a professor is a far more exalted being than a mere lecturer). He works in the School of Engineering at the ... that's in Wales (not England!). He teaches and tries to do research in Internet Technologies and Software Engineering. His interest in DocBook has been largely latent until he discovered that Norm Walsh had created a new xml LiterateProgramming tool and released it on sourceforge. Chris plans to write and document an ant build file that can be released as part of Norm's literate programming tool. He's doiung this because

  • he's learning to use ant so that he can teach it as part of a course on Enterprise computing in Java.
  • ant has built-in support for XSL T and FO.
  • he's had a long interest in literate programming which he thinks could be useful in teaching programming to engineering students.
  • it's a way to get into DocBook.

He'll report his experiences here.