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Mockup Example: On-the-fly XML construction

This page demonstrates how construction XML on-the-fly looks now, and demonstrates an ideal alternative syntax to accomplish the same thing.

Currently, it's pretty messy:

{{{ <p:add-attribute name="aa" attribute-name="schemaLocation" match="/*"> <p:input port="source"> <p:inline> xs:include/ </p:inline> </p:input> <p:with-option name="attribute-value" select="$uri"/> </p:add-attribute>

<p:next-step> … }}} I want it to look like this:

{{{ <p:next-step> <p:input port="source"> <p:inline> <xs:include schemaLocation="{$uri}"/> </p:inline> </p:input> … }}} Currently, even more problems arise when constructing fragments with dynamic element character content (p:string-replace etc.)

If anybody else would also like something like the second example, please add your name below to show that this is a widespread feature request!

  • HenrySThomson
  • Zearin
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