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ContentManagementVsDocumentManagement are tools for storing and managing collections of content -- entire documents and/or document components or fragments ("modular" content that can be combined and published together in some form).

  • Calenco is a collaborative Editing Web Platform. It allows remote teams of writers, translators, designers, to create multi-lingual content and publish it in various formats: PDF, HTML, etc. It is based on XML technology to store and transform content. DocBook (4.x or 5.0) modules are assembled in master documents thanks to XInclude, enabling truly collaborative work. Calenco is sponsored by NeoDoc and is Free Software. there is also a commercial version that ships with a WISYWYG XML editor.

  • The Scroll Wiki Exporter is an extension to the popular enterprise wiki developed by Atlassian. Scroll exports trees of wiki pages to DocBook and PDF. The Scroll Plugin extends Confluence to a wiki-based, collaborative content authoring solution for technical documentation, requirements engineering, etc. pp. Both Scroll and Confluence are commercial software packages, but do offer community licenses for eligible organizations (e.g. open-source projects).

  • [SiberSafe CMS DocBook Edition](, "SiberSafe DocBook Edition offers support for the creation, management, and delivery of DocBook-based documentation.".

  • DocBook Wiki allows users to display and edit DocBook documents online in a wiki. From the Sourceforge summary: "DocBook Wiki is a web application that is used to display and to edit online DocBook documents. It displays the documents directly from the DocBook(XML) format. It also supports several modes of editing (text, xml, latex, texi, etc.)." It's GPLed.

  • ''Does anyone had any experience with this? It sounds promising...''.

  • PyWikiServer From the Sourceforge site: "PyWikiServer is a WikiWiki web server written entirely in Python. Data files are encoded using docbook XML. It does not need neither a Web Server nor any conversion/stylesheet tool." (just found, didn't try it yet).

  • Vasont is a component content management system that allows users to create and manage content at multiple levels (topics, components, even individual words). It supports DITA, SCORM or DocBook, and custom DTDs and allows multiple schemas and configurations in the same system.

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