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To work with DocBook on Microsoft Windows, it's highly recommended that you first install the Cygwin environment, which enables you to use many standard UNIX utilities (including a lot of GNU software) and other useful applications and resources on Windows, and maintain it all in the form of easy-to-install-and-update packages (similar to RPMs and Debian packages).

Jon Foster and Markus Hoenicka have put together specific XML/SGML packages for Cygwin. Currently, to install the packages, you first need to enter:

Last known two mirrors (2004-01-06, Gerrit P. Haase):

'''NOTE:''' The docbook-x packages at these sites are outdated, please update as soon as possible to more recent versions, get the sources at the sourceforge docbook site

To get a working DocBook XML/SGML authoring enviroment set up, at a minimum you need to install the following packages:

  • docbook-xml
  • docbook-sgml
  • sgml-base
  • xml-base
  • xml-char-ent
  • openjade (includes onsgmls, for validating documents)

'''Note:''' ''You will probably also want to install Emacs and the PSGML editing mode for Emacs. These are not packaged for Cygwin, but Markus Hoenicka has written a great step-by-step tutorial on setting up an Emacs/PSGML-based XML/SGML authoring and publishing system on Microsoft Windows -- including a specific version of the tutorial written for Cygwin users. Use that tutorial in combination with the Cygwin packages to get a working DocBook setup.''

For publishing DocBook XML documents using XSLT, you'll also need to install the following:

  • docbook-xsl
  • libxml2
  • libxslt

For publishing DocBook SGML or XML documents using DSSSL, you'll also need to install the following:

  • docbook-dsssl

Other useful packages:

  • xhtml: XHTML DTDs
  • tei-xml: the TEI DTD
  • tei-xsl: XSLT stylesheets for TEI

Precompiled Libxml/xsltproc Windows version (these are not needed if you use the Cygwin versions)

Precompiled Windows version of libxml and xsltproc

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