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While currently I work as a Product Line Manager for MitelNetworks, I was previously responsible for documentation and training when our group was a separate company named "e-smith, inc.". As such, I created a publishing system based entirely on DocBook XML which is still used by a member of our Customer Documentation department.

I have also created a tutorial that is linked on the DocBookTutorials page and was given at OLS last year. The full URL to that presentation is at:

I was also the original author of the XSLT customization layer used by the LinuxDocumentationProject although I have not been maintaining those stylesheets. I try to read the 'docbook-apps' mailing list when I can, although I find it difficult to keep up these days.

I also maintain a weblog at blog.danyork.com.

Other links:

  • a page with my vimrc file that contains macros to easily enter DocBook tags while editing with vim.
  • my makefaq program that ''exports'' into a DocBook XML QandASet from the simple data file format. The program itself is used to easily create FAQ web pages and files.
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