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Base packages

On Sarge and Etch, at a mininum, you probably need to install:

Document authoring

For authoring documents, you'll need an XML-aware editing application:

  • psgml, a generic SGML/XML authoring environment for GNU emacs (already included in Xemacs)
  • qemacs, a lightweight emacs clone with CSS rendering of XML documents, including a CSS for DocBook (waiting for the rubberstamp to appear in unstable)

DocBook XML processing

For publishing XML documents using XSLT, you'll want to get:

  • docbook-xsl
  • xsltproc
  • libsaxon-java (contrib before Etch): a Java XSLT processor (the Debian version is rather old)
  • libxalan2-java (contrib before Etch): another supported Java-based XSLT processor
  • fop (contrib): for PDF and related conversions; openjade/jadetex (below) will probably produce better results
  • passivetex: processes XML FOs as TeX

DocBook SGML processing

For authoring SGML (or XML) documents and processing them using DSSSL, you'll want to get:

You may also want to get one more of the following packages, which provide more convenient, easier-to-use front ends for using OpenJade and Jadetex:

Generating other output formats

Other add-ons

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