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''This customization layer for the DocBookXslStylesheets converts a DocBook document to html that can be viewed as a slide show in the Opera web browser.''


''When writing a DocBook document, use role="screen" to indicate elements that should only be displayed when viewing the page as regular html. This text diappears when viewing the page in full screen mode. Use role="presentation" on elements that should not appear when the page is viewed as regular html. Convert your DocBook document to html using the stylesheet below and your favorite xsl processor. Then view the page in Opera and press F11 to toggle full screen mode. For an example, see How to avoid learning XML. Also see this Operashow tutorial. Send questions to DavidCramer''


{{{ <?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII"?>

1/xsl:param /xsl:param 0/xsl:param






xsl:apply-templates/ /xsl:with-param /xsl:call-template /xsl:param /xsl:template