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DocBook Consultants

A lot of companies and individuals worldwide provide DocBook support. They help organizations to:

  • Specify their needs
  • Migrate legacy content to DocBook
  • Setup DocBook editing and transformation environments
  • Develop DocBook schema customizations
  • Develop XSL stylesheets for transforming DocBook source material into any format
  • etc. Below is a list of providers:

Steve Ball, Explain

SteveBall has many years experience in developing XML-based information systems, in particular employing DocBook with or without customisation. He spends most of his days developing XSL stylesheets, and is happy to do that for you. SteveBall is located in Canberra, Australia and works worldwide.

Flatirons Solutions

FlatironsSolutions is a professional services firm that provides consulting, systems integration, systems & software engineering, and program management expertise to corporate and government clients. We are recognized industry leaders in enterprise content management, XML content management, air traffic management, and analytics.

Jirka Kosek

JirkaKosek is a feelance XML consultant who is providing DocBook and XML related services worldwide. He is located in Czech Republic.


Based in France, NeoDoc has a few consultants worldwide that have been working together with DocBook on a daily basis since 1999.

See our website at and leave us a message through our Contact Page.

Bob Stayton, Sagehill Enterprises

Bob Stayton has been providing DocBook and other XSL consulting services to clients around the world since 2003. The Sagehill website provides further information:

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