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There is a documents page at the DocBookOpenRepository, but most or all of the documents listed there are now also linked to on pages maintained at this Wiki:

  • DocBookTheDefinitiveGuide: the official documentation for DocBook
  • DocBookXslStylesheetDocs: including how-to and reference information
  • DocBookDssslStylesheetDocs: including how-to and reference information
  • DocBookTutorials: in several languages, including Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Korean
  • DocBookHelp: where to get DocBook technical support
  • DocBookFaqs: various FAQs
  • DocBookAndXmlCatalogs: how to use DocBook with XML Catalogs
  • DocBookHistory: the story behind DocBook
  • Bob Stayton's book: DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide
  • DocBookXslDocsAuthoring: Guidelines authors/contributors to the DocBookXslStylesheetDocs