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The e-novative DocBook environment (eDE) is a free, easy-to-install, ready-to-go DocBook environment for Win32 systems. eDE allows you to create single-page HTML, multi-page HTML, PDF and Windows help from a single DocBook XML source.

eDE is fully customizable, automatically installs in a few seconds and comes with DocBook book and article templates. (User experience /10-'04: 1) eDe only installs in C\docbook, don't try to install in C:\Program Files\docbook or on other drives like J:\docbook, as it will not work. 2) add an additional XML editor like Oxygen to this package and you have the perfect (?) setup for Windows imho)

eDE has a command line interface for easy automation and lets you use your favourite editors and viewers. eDE supportes easy, automated packaging of output files as zip archives.

eDE is freely available from http://www.e-novative.info/software/ede.php.

A help and discussion forum is available at http://www.e-novative-forum.com.

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