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Fink Logo - "Unix software for your Mac"

You should be able to get a working DocBook authoring and publishing environment set up on your Fink system just by installing:

Other useful packages:

From Fink News (2003-10-12): '''New update method available''' The latest version of the fink package manager offers a new update method, fink selfupdate-rsync, as an alternative to the CVS updates which have been so problematic in the past few months. If you have difficulty updating to the new version, please follow these special update instructions. --Chris

OK, I'm missing something here about fink. I've seen similar references to installing apps that are not in the "stable" package list, but have so far been unable to figure it out. A suitable clue ought to be available here. -Dale

Many months later...... (and running 10.2.1), I figured out that by editing your "/sw/etc/fink.conf" file (I created a new top level dir for jaguar stuff at /jaguar-sw/.....) and modifing the "Trees:" line one can enable the "unstable" apps. My fink.conf file "trees" line says:

Trees: unstable/main local/main stable/main stable/crypto local/bootstrap

Carefull here, you can make a mess.... -Dale

Give this a try first: % fink selfupdate-cvs You'll need the MacOS Developer packages installed. When it's done, you'll see lots more packages available. If some of them are still missing, read this: --Xian.

I recommend using FinkCommander. This is a GUI for fink, and the unstable branch can be enabled very easily from the Preferences. --Bernd

Seems like jadetex is not currently (14 April 2003) in fink. If you need it to generate PS or PDF output from Docbook, you can grab it from You'll need to install the fink packages for openjade, tetex, the docbook bundle, etc. first. Once you've got the jadetex tar file, extract it, become root, cd to the directory, make install, and then, crucially type "mktexlsr" so that TeX sees the newly installed stuff. One last step -- create a symlink in your path to the tex and pdftex files, with the names jadetex and pdfjadetex respectively, eg. ln -s /sw/bin/tex /sw/bin/jadetex; ln -s /sw/bin/pdftex /sw/bin/pdfjadetex -- once that's done, docbook2pdf and docbook2ps should work fine! --Craig

I added a jadetex package to the fink unstable tree. I am not sure if it actually works since i did it for somebody that requested it, but didn't got any feedback yet. Could somebody test it for me? --Chris

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