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Shlomi Fish edited this page Sep 3, 2020 · 2 revisions

I help to write technical documentation about software systems in DocBook and subsets thereof, as well as programs to generate and consume various flavours of XML. I'm a great fan of NormanWalsh's incomparable DocBookXSL stylesheets. I recently bought BobStayton's fine book on these and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in this area.

I've worked as a computer scientist for Adobe for a few years, having fallen in love with the Venus de Milo image that was on the splash screen for Adobe Illustrator 88 (in 1989). I've been JustaProgrammer for about twenty years.

Across Adobe we've now begun to take a serious interest in DocBook for writing documentation for programmers- my team has a fair amount of technical content in SimplifiedDocBook that we author and publish in Frame+XML and other XML-aware tools, and a few other teams use it actively.

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