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While the stock DocBook XSL stylesheets can manage indexes for most European languages, other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are more complicated in their sorting and collation rules. Eliot Kimber created an open-source toolkit to help create back-of-book indexes in any language. The toolkit is designed to be integrated with XSL stylesheets.

Here is a link to download the toolkit:

The toolkit is Java-based, so it only works with Java-based XSLT processors such as Saxon and Xalan.

Using the toolkit with DocBook XSL

The DocBook XSL stylesheets already have templates for working the Eliot Kimber's toolkit. The general steps for using the toolkit are:

  1. Set the stylesheet parameter index.method to "kimber".

  2. Add the i18n_support.jar file to the CLASSPATH for your Java process.

  3. Import the optional indexing stylesheet module autoidx-kimber.xsl to your DocBook XSL customization layer.

More detailed instructions are included in Bob Stayton's book DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide.

Complete documentation for the toolkit itself is included with the toolkit zip file under the docs directory.

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