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Norman Walsh edited this page Oct 1, 2015 · 1 revision

As an It consultant, I'm trying to use DocBook for long lifecycle documents in a professional environement.

A while ago, I have been using SGML docbook 3 in a linux environment to produce some 100 pages -like pdf reports. I also experimented some specs and requirement tools, that generated docbook as target.

These days, I'm trying again, with XML 4.1, to introduce docbook in an NT based organisation. These organisation have the "obligation" to generate documents in word format, so I focus mainly on printing stylesheets, with pdf and rtf as targets.

I would like to setup an (easiest as possible) Nt base "distribution", ie db, rendering engines ( FOP), with some ready to use, professional looking , stylesheets.

I would be interested to hear about:

  • some interesting customisation of norms's stylsheets, with a fancy look
  • some professional look like customisation, for printing (revision, header with names in box, etc)
  • some experience on tools available , like FOP, or other Passive''''''Tex, that could generate rtf.

especially, I'm trying currently to set some params.xsl, and other, to generate typical document, like organisation currently produce with Word. This could probably ease docbook penetration if these were part of the standard distribution of docbook-xsl, (on top of the "plain ones"), and would show immediate benefit to staters.

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