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This page aggregates all the topics related to the use of Docbook XSL and Docbook XML within Maven tool.

The Docbook framework is now also published under Maven repositories thus allowing anyone using Maven to make a dependency to either the XSLs or the XMLs.

Which artifacts are really available?

''Do not forget to updated the value according the last published release in Maven repositories''

MavenDocBookXSL Stylesheets (namespaced):

{{{ net.sf.docbook docbook-xsl 1.75.1 zip ns-resources }}} MavenDocBookXSL Stylesheets:

{{{ net.sf.docbook docbook-xsl 1.75.1 zip resources }}} MavenDocBookSaxon extension:

{{{ net.sf.docbook docbook-xsl-saxon 1.0.0 }}} MavenDocBookXalan extension:

{{{ net.sf.docbook docbook-xsl-xalan 1.0.0 }}} MavenDocBook Schemas:

{{{ net.sf.docbook docbook-xml 5.0-all zip resources }}}

Where is the artifact repository?

Even if we are synchronized with the maven central repository (which means that you have nothing to configure in your pom.xml) you may wonder where is our repository. It is hosted on the sourceforge project at

Advanced usages

More advanced usages of Docbook and Maven are available using maven plugins such as DocbkxTools (docbkx-tools) plugin. Numerous other maven plugins also exist.