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Maven artifacts containing the XSL Schemas (XSD, RNG ...).


The namespaced stylesheets (used for docbook 5) can be used with: {{{ net.sf.docbook docbook-xml 5.0-all zip resources }}}

This artifact contains most of the content of the regular docbook release you can download except that the root directory is '''docbook/''' for ease of version migration. Here is the content of docbook/ of this artifact:


dtd rng sch tools xsd 3 287 catalog.xml 46 419 ChangeLog 430 docbook.nvdl 1 182 README 4 VERSION }}}

Common usage

A common usage of these artifacts is extracting it in a temporary directory and using it for XML validation, this can be done as the following:


org.apache.maven.plugins maven-dependency-plugin unpack-shared-resources unpack-dependencies generate-resources ${}/generated-resources net.sf.docbook docbook-xml resources true }}}

Then use xml plugin to validate against the docbook schema, this can be done as the following:

{{{ org.codehaus.mojo xml-maven-plugin 1.0-beta-2 validate


src/main/docbook/ ${}/generated-resources/docbook/xsd/docbook.xsd }}}

A complete example can be find in the svn at